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Rectangular Uncapping Unit complete
Our Price: $179.60

Consists of
An upper tank with a coarse mesh bottom and a timber support which you rest the frame on to uncap.
A middle tank also with a mesh bottom and an insert of a finer gauze to partially strain the honey.
A bottom tank with a solid base which is fitted with a poli gate to dispense the honey.

To use, set up as shown and uncap into the top tank balancing the frame on the pointed uncapping stick. Allow the capping's to drain into the middle and then the bottom tray where you should get honey with minimal wax bits which you can put in with the honey out of the extractor. When you have finished uncapping and the bulk of the honey has drained away enclose the whole unit in a clean very large plastic bag and allow it to drain for a few more days, a stir every day hurries the process along. By doing this you will collect virtually every bit of the honey and end up with fairly dry cappings ready to be melted sown to recover the beeswax.

Optional extra We make a piece of nytrel exactly the correct size to fit in the rectangular uncapping unit if you want an extra fine strain. See HONEY PACKING/Straining

Bottom Tank with Gate for Rectangular Uncapping Unit
Our Price: $73.70

The bottom tank of a rectangular uncapping unit. It has a solid base and is fitted with a poli gate to dispense the honey.

Mesh Tank only for Rectangular Uncapping Unit
Our Price: $46.20

The middle and upper tanks of a rectangular uncapping unit with the fairly coarse mesh base through which the honey will drain out of cappings quickly and easily.
Black straining mesh for a Rectangular Uncapping Unit
Our Price: $6.55

A piece of plastic mesh that fits into the rectangular unit pieces holds back more of cappings and allows more honey to drain out. Is included in the complete unit but some beekeepers fine a second piece very handy.
Uncapping Support and Grippers for Rectangular Uncapping Unit
Our Price: $10.50

A Strong Wooden stick of exactly the correct size held in place by 2 grippers. The stick is fitted with a sharp point so you can balance and turn the frame for easy uncapping. Is included in the complete uncapping unit but is available as a spare part.