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The Bee Book
Our Price: $55.00

Written in Queensland for Australian conditions.  The 3rd edition contains an expanded section on  the the small hive beetle.  A good solid book suitable for beginners but still with a  real depth of information and knowledge.  All beekeepers should have this one on their shelves because it will be referred to again and again.
Ag Skills
Our Price: $25.00

This is the beekeeping one in a series of basic agricultural books put out by the Department of Agriculture in NSW. It contains  basic easy-to -follow instructions and information on all the skills a beekeepers needs.
Backyard Beekeeping
Our Price: $25.00

A good basic beginners book, easy to understand and follow with plenty of pictures.
Honey in the Comb
Our Price: $35.00

A book devoted to producing the very best sections and cut comb possible.  Has plenty of useful ideas on how to present the comb for sale to attract the very best price.
Honey Bee Brood Diseases
Our Price: $33.50

Absolutely full of photos to help identify all the bee diseases, contains helpful tips on how to deal with them as well, Is in American publication so be aware not all these problems exist here in Australia
Cooking with Honey
Our Price: $12.00

A  very nice  recipe book published by the Queensland Beekeepers Association contains a wide range of recipes and lots of useful information on honey and how to cook with it including how to replace  cane sugar with honey.
Nature's Gifts
Our Price: $15.00

A recent publication by long time and well respected beekeeper Athol Craig. Contains a fascinating collection of infomation and lots of photos about bees, beekeeping and honey.  Be a delightful gift especially when accompanied by some home produced honey.
Beekeepers I have Known
Our Price: $2.50

Beekeepers the world round, have much in common and these are some of the stories of beekeepers John Guilfoyle met both in Australia and overseas during his life long involvement in the industry..
Many are laugh-out-loud funny, and offer an insight into the unique world of beekeepers.
The Australasian Beekeeper
Our Price: $72.00

The only Australian wide beekeeping magazine , published monthly, something in here to interest all beekeepers.
American Bee Journel
Our Price: $69.00

A long established and well respected international beekeeping magazine, contains everything from reports on local USA beekeepers meetings, to practical useful hints for amateur  beekeepers to the latest in cutting edge research.