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Hoop Veil
Our Price: $45.10

Made of a soft black fibreglass mesh shaped wide at the front and narrow at the back. Has a light, strong metal hoop to keep the mesh well away from your face. Elasticized at the top to fit round most hats. The hoop veil has a cotton bottom with a string to secure round your waist. Collapses flat when not in use.
Folding Wire Veil
Our Price: $73.10

Made of 4 pieces of shaped black aluminium gauze hinged together with strong webbing.  Has a strong cotton top and bottom which includes a strip of mesh for added coolness. Designed for good vision,and freedom of movement, folds flat into the cloth bag provided
Round Wire Veil
Our Price: $39.10

The shaped black aluminium gauze gives good all round visibility and will not rust Offers excellent protection and is comfortable to work in. Is best hung and not refolded once it has been fitted  on a hat.
Sunsafe Veil
Our Price: $20.55

Front half made of flare resistant net for good visibility and back half made of a light strong cotton to protect you from the sun. Can be rolled up and tucked in your packet if not needed
Net Veil
Our Price: $20.55

A light veil made entirely of nylon net.  It is as light and cool as possible.  The veil is long enough to tuck into your shirt collar.  The net is fairly stiff so it will stay away from your face.  Needs to be worn with a broad brimmed hat.
Child's Veil
Our Price: $34.80

A scaled down version of the round wire veil. It is suitable for a 9-12 year old. Needs a medium brimmed hat to go with it.