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Pollen Trap
Pollen Trap

Our Price: $89.90

Product Code: MUTPT

A small sturdy and efficient trap which fits 10 fr and 8 fr boxes. This trap was developed in and is used by most of the the commercial pollen collectors in WA. The bees crawl through a mesh to get into the hive. This dislodges the pollen from their legs. The pollen drops through a bee proof mesh into the well ventilated collection bin on the bottom. The trap mesh has a couple of larger holes drilled in it so drones and some workers can come and go unhindered. This keeps the colony functioning reasonably normally. If your hives are on stands you can adapt the current entrance to accommodate the traps which hang down in front of the hives otherwise the bottom entrance must be closed and a new one created behind the trap.  Pamphlet available

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