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Double Bucket Straining System complete
Double Bucket Straining System complete

Our Price: $115.70

Product Code: HPSDBSS

A filter system which consists of a 27kg bucket with a 11 cm hole cut in the base, 2 lids for 27kg buckets both with 15cm holes and a nytrel filter bag about 18cm wide and 40 cm deep with a strong wire ring at the mouth.  You will also need a 27kg bucket fitted with a gate and an entire lid.  To strain honey , sit one of the lids with a hole in top of the bucket with a gate. Fit the strainer into the other lid with a hold and put that lid onto the bucket with the hole in the bottom.  Now stand the strainer bucket on top of the solid bucket. Pour honey into the filter bag where because of the bag's  size and height it will strain much faster and not block up as much as normal horizontal filters.  Once all the honey is strained remove the strainer bucket and the lid with the hole and replace with the solid lid. Now all you honey is strained and neatly stored in the bucket with a dispensing gate.

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