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High quality, nickel plated, smooth and tight fitting. If you are using wooden frames eyelets are used to prevent the wire cutting into the long grain of the wooden end bars and also help keep the tension on the wire.

An easy way to put in eyelets. Thread 4 eyelets on to a fine nail. Place the end bar on the table so that the top hole is projecting over the edge. Put the nail into the top hole and give it a sharp tap to insert an eyelet. Move the end bar so the second hole is over the edge put in the nail and tap in the second eyelet. Turn the end bar round and repeat for the other 2 holes.
Eyelets pack 100
Our Price: $5.30

Eyelets pack 250
Our Price: $9.80

Eyelets pack 500
Our Price: $15.75

Eyelets pack 1000
Our Price: $28.20

Eyelets pack 5000
Our Price: $125.60

Eyelets pack 10000
Our Price: $226.40